Data management solutions such as Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), Information Technologies Compliance Products, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Data Classification.

POPI Compliance Products

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Continuous, flexible, efficient and highly-secure solutions with scalable integrated services on work continuity and back-up, reducing İnformation Technologies workload and management costs.

Cloud Platform

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Server Virtualization is a continuous infrastructure solution that reduces costs and enables physical resources to be used more efficiently by sharing them with independent logical parts.

Virtualization Solutions

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Flexible, smart and easy-to-manage infrastructure solutions that enables continuous access to data, the most valuable resource ensuring the efficiency of Information Technologies resources.

Server and Data Management Solutions

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Security solutions ensuring data integrity and preventing security breach and unauthorized use of data, the most valuable asset.

Data and Network Security

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Continuous, high-performance, flexible, manageable local / wireless corporate network solutions that increase work continuity and efficiency with secure connection network infrastructure technologies.

Local / Wireless Network Solutions

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